How Deep Are Kitchen Cabinets

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The wall cabinets in kitchens nearly always are installed on the underside edge of this cabinet is 54 inches above the ground. The cause of that is that 18 inches of clearance between base cabinets and uppers as the best working distance, also with pedestal cabinets 36 inches high (with counter comprised) plus 2-4 inches deep, top cabinets beginning in 54-inches provides exactly the desirable 18 Inch clearance.

These spaces have been demonstrated to become ergonomically practical for anybody over 4 ft. Tall, and also best for a typical user 5 ft. 8 inches high. With the standard upper cabinet 30 inches tall and one foot thick, a5 ft. The 8-inch user should have the ability to reach all shelves with out a step stool. Anybody briefer may require a step stool–or even a family member’s guidance–to access cupboards. You’ll find, naturally, a few exceptions to those standards.

Specialty wall cabinets which fit above the stove or a fridge is going to be installed greater compared to other cabinets and may be heavier compared to the 12 inches.


These setup standards might be varied while that is tied to the measurements of stock closets to fit with the requirements of users.

A family group with associates 5 ft. 5 inches or shorter could, as an instance, install bottom cabinets in 3-5 inches over the ground, and then put in a 15-inch working distance and also install the top cabinets starting at 50 inches above the floor as opposed to the conventional 54-inches. A family group of associates that are tall could install cabinets. These variations are contained in the scope that is accepted, and won’t radically impact sale potential of one’s dwelling. You ought to be wary about hurtful variants to layout criteria when scrutinizing a kitchen because it will make your house to market later on.


Variation in elevation standards may be crucial for apartments or homes employed by those with disabilities. Unique base cabinets might be assembled which are 3-4 inches or lower tall. Top cabinets could be installed on the wall much lower than the average person to allow wheelchair users to attain them readily.
A newer invention will be electrically operated cabinetry which raises and lowers the top wall cabinets, makes them easy to use for both physically challenged and physical ability family members.