Looking for the Best Loyalty Programs in India? Select One That Offers These 6 Features

With air carriers in India now aggressively promoting their frequent flyer programs, it can be difficult for you to select one, especially if you are doing it for the first time. Fortunately, there are a few essential features that can help you make a decision. 6 such features of frequent flyer programs are discussed in this post.

It is only in the past few years that air travel has become affordable in India. This has made it one of the standard modes of transport along with railways and roadways. But as the number of passengers is increasing with every passing year, the air carriers are also looking for new ways to attract them.

While frequent flyer programs have been prevalent in foreign countries for several years, Indian carriers are now using them too to offer maximum benefits to the customers. But with several airlines in India now offering such flying programs, the selection has become challenging for the frequent flyers. Fortunately, there are a few features that can help you make a decision.

If you are confused with selecting a frequent flyer program, you can go with the one that offers these 6 features-

  1. Multiple Ways to Earn Air Miles

The air miles is one of the most essential components of any frequent flyer program. The flying program you select should help you earn the air miles not just by flying but through several other ways as well. This will help you collect the miles faster.

Some of the top programs offer options such as using a co-branded credit card, hotel bookings, dining, shopping, and more.

  1. Multiple Redemption Options

Apart from collecting air miles, the program should also allow you to use the accumulated miles in numerous ways. While award flight booking is the most common way to redeem air miles, there should be additional options to suit the needs of every flyer.

Go with a program that allows you to redeem the collected miles for flight bookings, cabin upgrade, hotel booking, and shopping at the program providers online rewards store. Moreover, some of the programs also allow you to transfer the collected miles to other members of the program.

  1. Purchase Air Miles

There can be times when you might be short of just a few air miles to redeem them for an award flight or other exclusive offers. In such cases, you should also be able to purchase the air miles.

You can purchase the miles for yourself or gift them to another member of the frequent flyer program like your friend or family member.

  1. Business Benefits

If you run a business and your employees regularly fly between cities or countries, some of the frequent flyer programs in India offer additional business benefits. For instance, some programs allow the company owner as well as the employee to earn air miles on flight tickets.

Apart from the miles, this is also an excellent way for a business to track all of their flying expenses under a single corporate account.

  1. Partner Airlines

The next important feature is the number of partner airlines. The frequent flyer program you select should not just allow you to earn air miles only when you fly with the program provider. It should also have plenty of other partner carriers where you can earn the air miles.

All the air miles you collect by flying with the partner carriers should get deposited into a single account.

  1. Multiple Membership Tiers

Some of the loyalty programs in India also allow its members to progress through a multi-tier points system. You can advance through these tiers to get added benefits from the air carrier.

Some of the most significant benefits of such tier programs include bonus air miles, priority check-in, airport lounge access, cabin upgrade vouchers, additional baggage allowance, and more. Such programs can help you get maximum value for your flight bookings and make your air travels more convenient.

Making a Decision

If you are struggling with the best frequent flyer programs in India and are unable to make a decision, go with one that offers the features discussed above.

Rather than making a hasty decision, give some time to the process, especially if you are a frequent flyer, as the right flying program can provide a host of fantastic benefits, savings, and more.

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